• International Conference on Research and Academic Community Services (ICRACOS) 2021


Welcome to 2021 3rd International Conference on Research and Academic Community Services (ICRACOS) at Institute of Research and Community Services, Universitas Negeri Surabaya. This conference will take place in Surabaya, Indonesia, on October 9-10th, 2021. The conference is organized by Institute of Research and Community Services, Universitas Negeri Surabaya with funding support from the directorate general of research and development of the Ministry of Research and Technology in the 2021 fiscal year in the scheme of international scientific conference assistance. Commitment to readiness to meet the new era has been attempted and materialized in the theme raised in this seminar, namely Sustainable Innovation in Research and Community Services for Better Quality of Life towards Society 5.


We are inviting academics, researchers, and practitioners to submit case studies of practice, theoretical papers, empirical studies and other papers that address any topic within the broad areas of Electronics and Control Systems, Telecommunication and Optics communication, Power Electronics Technology and Application, Informatics and Computer system, Data Science, STEM Education, Interdisciplinary Engineering Research, and Social and Humanitarian Technology. Please come and join us.


Aim and Scope

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Track 1. Electronics and Control Systems Track 2. Telecommunication and Optics communication Track 3. Power Electronics Technology and Application Track 4. Informatics and Computer system
  1. Component, Circuits, Devices & Systems
  2. Biomedical Engineering
  3. Robotics
  4. Intelligent  Control System
  5. Smart city
  6. VLSI & Semiconductor
  7. System Testing and reliability
  8. IoT Devices
  9. Nano Electronic System
  10. Instrumentation and measurement systems
  1. Communication, Networking & Broadcasting
  2. Field, Wave, and electromagnetics
  3. Antenna and Propagation
  4. Wireless communication
  5. Wireless Sensor Network & Telemetry
  6. Vehicle communication
  7. RADAR & Ultra-Wide Band Systems
  8. Satellite Communication
  9. Optical communication
  1. Electrical Engineering
  2. Renewable Engineering
  3. Energy-Efficient & Energy storage systems
  4. Electrical Machines and Drive Systems
  5. Grids and Smart Grids
  6. Fault coordination and protection of DC grids
  7. Power Electronics Devices and Converters
  8. Standard and advanced control techniques
  9. Power planning, diversity, reducing emissions
  10. Power quality, harmonics, and reactive power compensation
  1. Computing & Processing (Hardware &Software)
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Data Security
  4. Digital Image Processing
  5. Soft-computing & Artificial Intelligent
  6. Human-Computer Interaction
  7. Computer Architecture & Embedded System
  8. Big data
  9. Game Theory
  10. Computer Graphics & Software Engineering
  11. Information Retrieval
  12. Edge and Cloud


Track 5. Data Science  Track 6. STEM Education Track 7. Interdisciplinary Engineering Research
  1. Bioengineering & Bioinformatics
  2. Computational Biology
  3. Computer science
  4. Pure and Applied Mathematics
  5. Math, Science& Engineering
  6. Composite and nanomaterial
  7. Green Science
  8. Chemistry  computer science
  9. Applied Physics
  10. Digital Sport Sciences Technology
  11. Statistics Engineering
  12. Sport Coaching Technology
  1. Digital Learning
  2. Innovative Learning
  3. Online/E-learning and blended learning
  4. Educational games and simulations
  5. Computer-based Learning
  6. Distance and virtual learning
  7. Learning management systems
  8. ICT for Educational Support
  9. Assessment and Evaluation based computer
  1. Geoscience
  2. Nuclear Engineering
  3. Aerospace
  4. Transportation
  5. Mechanical Engineering
  6. Civil Engineering
  7. Nutrition and Food engineering
  8. Engineering profession
  9. Game technology

Track 8. Social and Humanitarian Technology

  1. Social issues of ICT
  2. Economic, Health, and Safety Implications of Technology
  3. Humanitarian Technology
  4. Digital Innovation for better literacy and health care
  5. Technology innovation for disaster mitigation and management
  6. Technology for Helping differently able Humans
  7. Branding and Digital Marketing
  8. Communication Toward Digital Perspective
  9. Computational Linguistics Models & Language Technologies
  10. E-justice and E-Law
  11. The History, the Business and the Technology



Prof. Takeshi Fukusako (Keynote Speaker)
Prof. Takeshi Fukusako
(Keynote Speaker)

Departement of Computer Science & Electrical EngineeringKumamoto University (Japan)

Prof. Takeshi Fukusako
(Keynote Speaker)
Prof. Auzuir Ripardo de Alexandria (Keynote Speaker)
Prof. Auzuir Ripardo de Alexandria
(Keynote Speaker)

Instituto Federal de Educação Ciência e Tecnologia do Ceará: Fortaleza, CE, Brazil

Prof. Auzuir Ripardo de Alexandria
(Keynote Speaker)
KOH Koon Teck (Keynote Speaker)
KOH Koon Teck
(Keynote Speaker)

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

KOH Koon Teck
(Keynote Speaker)
Prof. Subir Kumar Sarkar (Invited Speaker)
Prof. Subir Kumar Sarkar
(Invited Speaker)

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Jadavpur University

Prof. Subir Kumar Sarkar
(Invited Speaker)

Important Dates

Full Paper Submission

June 4, 2021

June 30, 2021
Notification of AcceptanceJuly 30, 2021
Early Bird RegistrationAugust 13, 2021
Full Paper Revision DeadlineAugust 27, 2021
Payment DeadlineSeptember 3, 2021
Camera ReadySeptember 10, 2021
RegistrationSeptember 17, 2021
Video Presentation DueSeptember 24, 2021
Conference DateOctober 9-10, 2021

Organizing Committee

General Chair                   : Dr. Nurhayati., ST., MT (IEEE member)

General Co-Chair             : Ahmad Bashri, S.Pd., M.Si.

Secretary                          : Biyan Yesi Wilujeng, S.Pd., M.Pd.           

TPC Chair                         : Dr. Lilik Anifah, St.,MT (IEEE Member)

Publication Chair             : Setya Chendra Wibawa.,S.Pd.,M.Kom (IEEE Member)

Treasure                            : Puput Wanarti., ST., MT (IEEE Member)

Proceeding Publication


Accepted and Presented paper for track 1-7 will be submitted for Inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore's scope and Quality requirement



Selected and Presented paper that outside the scope and quality requirement of IEEE will be submitted to Atlantis Press

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Indonesian Participant IEEE Member Non IEEE Member AP Publisher
Student Rp. 1.000.000 Rp. 1.250.000 Rp. 1.750.000
Early Bird Rp. 1.250.000 Rp. 1.500.000 Rp. 2.000.000
Regular Rp. 1.500.000 Rp. 1.750.000 Rp. 2.250.000
International Participant IEEE Member Non IEEE Member AP Publisher
Student $ 100 $ 125 $ 175
Early Bird $ 125 $ 150 $ 200
Regular $ 150 $ 175 $ 225

* Valid as a member at the day of the conference
Additional paper for the same author will be charged IDR 500,000

Please make a bank transfer for the registration fee to:
Bank Name : Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN)
Virtual Account : 9422091417209140102
Account Name : ICRACOS

Contact Us

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Institute of Research and Community Services,

Universitas Negeri Surabaya,

6th floor Unesa Lidah Wetan Campus, Surabaya – 60213

E-mail : icracos@unesa.ac.id


Dr. Nurhayati., ST., MT

Wattsapp Number: +62 82257237889