Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Physical Education & Sports Science (PESS), NIE5-03-12, 67903690 Email

Academic Background

PhD (University of Queensland, Australia)
MEd (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
PGDE in Physical Education (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
BA (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
DDM (National Institute of Education, Singapore)

KOH Koon Teck


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Koon Teck has been a Physical Education (PE) teacher since 1993. He had taught PE at Pre-University and Secondary School levels for 10 years. He was Head of Department (PE/CCA) for 6 years before he joined Co-Curricular Activities Branch, Education Programmes Division as advisor and consultant for sports in 2004. He was the advisor for the North Zone Primary Schools Sports Council and South Zone Schools Sports Council. Also, he was the games advisor for basketball, table tennis, and softball, overseeing the management and organization of the games at all levels for different age groups of students.

Koon Teck is actively involved in Basketball as both a competitive athlete and coach at various levels. His keen research areas are in coaching and teaching in PE and Sport, in particular, understanding and developing coaches and PE teachers to promote good practices. He has worked with the Singapore senior basketball team as a team manager and sport scientist to achieve a historical medal at the South East Asia Games in 2013 after 34 years where the last medal was won and maintained the same result at the same competition in 2015. 

Koon Teck has also developed a keen interest in using sport and PE as a platform to teach values and character explicitly to athletes and students, guided by experiential learning theory. To this end, a structured instructional programme has been developed to assist coaches and PE teachers to achieve this goal. The programme has influenced many coaches/educators and students/athletes beyond Singapore.

Recently, his research interest has extended to the use of Information Communication and Technologies (ICT) to enhance the teaching and learning in PE. To address the lack of specific resources in the teaching and learning of basketball for differentiated learners in the context of pre-service student teachers, he has created image-rich, easy to understand instructional videos with student teachers to promote inquiry learning and post questions during and after lessons.

Since 2002, Koon Teck has involved in Coach Education Programmes. He lectures the theory and technical courses in the National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) managed by SSC and BAS. Notably, he initiated an integrated NCAP Level 1 Coaching Course for BAS in 2007. It was the first among the NSAs in Singapore, which combined Theory and Technical courses to promote context-specific learning experience for basketball coaches. He has shared the model with local and international practitioners and researchers.

Koon Teck is currently holding a few key appointments at the international and local levels, namely: Executive Board Member, World Association of Basketball Coaches; Chair, FIBA Asia Coaches Committee; FIBA  Instructor; Vice President, ASEAN Council of PE and Sport; Executive Board Member, Asia Association of Coaching Science; President, Singapore Physical Education Association; Steering Committee Member, East Zone Centre of Excellence (Sports). He is also the editorial board member for the International Sport Coaching Journal.

Research Interests
Basketball, Coach Education & Development, Coaching, Evaluation of Coaches’ Work, Information Communication & Technologies, Pedagogy, Values and Character Development